November 25, 2013
Today is the last day of the Fall Semester, and so it is time for the Chapman Law Review to close up shop. Here are some this semester’s highlights, and a preview of things to come.
Fall Highlights 
  • The Chapman Law Review invited sixteen bright and hard-working 2Ls to join the journal. These staff editors have been hard at work throughout the semester, conducting source collections for some of the journal’s future publications, while at the same time conducting research for their own future writing. Each 2L in the Chapman Law Review will work one-on-one with a professor in the Spring Semester, and will have the chance to submit his or her directed research paper to the Chapman Law Review in hopes of having the paper published in a future issue.
  • The Chapman Law Review launched chapmanlawreivew.com in August, an online database of the journal’s former issues, symposium videos, and mastheads, as well as a source for news. Thus far, chapmanlawreview.com has had over 9,000 visits.
  • The Chapman Law Review released the first issue of Volume 17 in November. The issue featured sixteen entries, including three student pieces, transcripts from our 2013 symposium, and articles that provide ideas on how law school can help make students better prepared to meet the needs of corporate employers.
Spring Events
  • The Chapman Law Review will be launching Chapman Law Review Online, an online-only journal where authors submit short, timely pieces on any legal topic of interest. The first article is schedule to be posted on chapmanlawreview.com in January.
  • The Chapman Law Review will be hosting its 2014 symposium, titled “Business Tax Reform: Emerging Issues in the Taxation of U.S. Entities,” on Friday, March 14, 2014.
  • The Chapman Law Review will be releasing the second issue of Volume 17 during the Spring Semester. This issue will feature three student pieces, an in-depth discussion on the law and economics of corporate social responsibility, transcripts from this semester’s Chapman Dialogue Series, and transcripts from September’s Dale E. Fowler School of Law dedication and naming ceremony.
Thank you for supporting the Chapman Law Review.  
Have a great holiday season – see you in 2014!
Adam Weidner
Senior Online Editor