2008: “Publicity Rights in Bytes: Contemporary Issues in Entertainment & Sports Law”

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Michael Flaherty, President of Walden Media
Panel I: Publicity Rights and the Constitution: Privacy, Publicity, and the YouTube Phenomenon
Erwin Chemerinsky, Duke University School of Law
F. Jay Dougherty, Loyola Law School
Dr. John Eastman, Chapman University School of Law
Raymond Ku, Case Western Reserve University of Law
Moderator: Celestine Richards McConville, Chapman University School of Law
Panel II: Publicity Rights in Entertainment: From Second-Life to the Afterlife
Eric Farber, Managing Shareholder of Farber & Company Attorneys. P.C.
John Garon, Hamline University School of Law
Kevin J. Greene, Thomas Jefferson School of Law
John Tehranian, University of Utah, S.J. Quinney College of Law
Moderator: Kathy Z. Heller, Chapman University School of Law
Panel III: Publicity Rights in Sports: The Fantasy of Player Statistics Ownership
Mark Humenik, General Counsel at Athletes First
Matthew Mitten, Marquette University Law School
Gary Roberts, Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis
Maureen Weston, Pepperdine University of Law
Moderator: Matthew Parlow, Chapman University School of Law