Chapman Law Review Immunity Pets Fundraiser

Want to avoid getting called on in class during Halloween Week? Stop by October 27-31 from 9am-10am and 11:30-1:00 pm to buy your immunity pet. Simply show your immunity pet to the participating professors during Halloween week and enjoy the rest of the class cold call free. For $10 you can be immune for a day. For $20, you can grab a super pet that will protect you all week long.

Participating professors include:
  • Professor Kochan
  • Professor Cianciarulo
  • Professor Hall
  • Professor Bogart,
  • Professor Litiwiller,
  • Professor Badrinarayana
  • Professor Noyes,
  • Professor Dexter
  • Professor Eastman
  • Professor Ripkin,
  • Professor Howe
  • Professor Rotunda